We produce many different products all of which provide a sanding, grinding , and polishing option for today's highly demanding international market.  

PSA and velour backed products:

  • Aluminum Oxide Paper             
  • Aluminum Oxide Cloth
  • Aluminum Oxide Fiber
  • Silicon Carbide Paper
  • Silicon Carbide Cloth
  • Silicon Cirbide Fiber
  • Zirconia Paper
  • Zirconia Cloth
  • Zirconia Fiber
  • Zirconia Cloth
  • Ceramic Cloth
  • Ceramic Fiber

High quality bonded abrasives:

  • Mounted Points
  • Cut Off Wheels
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Boat Stones
  • Bench Stones
  • Mold Polishing Stones
  • EDM Stones
  • Ceramic Stones


  • Pads- Hook it
  • PSA Stick It
  • Quick Lock
  • Palm Sanders
  • Hand Grinders
  • Sanding Blocks
  • Spiral Band Holders
  • Cartridge Roll Holders
  • Cut Off Wheel Holders


We provided a complete conversion service of plain, PSA and velour backed products.  From raw material sourcing, warehousing and handling, converting, cutting, packaging, and private labeling.  All of our products are available to our customers in any shape or size with their choice of plain, PSA, or velour  backing, with or without their choice of suction hole pattern and the option of having it in belt form.