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Uncompromising Guarantee of Quality, Price, Performance and Service.

Royal Abrasives is one of the most trusted companies in the field for converting and manufacturing high performance abrasives for manufacturing, commercial applications  as well as  automotive refinishing solutions.  Since 1992, we have been able to provide an uncompromising guarantee of quality, price, performance and service.  



Royal Abrasives was instrumental in designing and developing our entire sanding process. Starting from heavy stock removal to final finish, they offered full service and a full product line of quality abrasives.
— Kim Albers, Arc Automotive
Our operations provide some very unique sanding and finishing challenges. Royal Abrasives was able to offer the right service and products to meet and exceed all our expectations.
— Steve Lemmern, Ventext Plastics


We provide many different products all of which offer a sanding, grinding and polishing option for today's highly demanding international market.


We provide a complete conversion service of Plain, PSA and Velour backed products. From raw material sourcing, warehousing and handling to converting, cutting, packaging, and private labeling.